The Increasing Impact of SQL

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The Increasing Impact of SQL


The impact of SQL can best be understood when we have a clearer understanding of how this specialized computer programming language is utilized in everyday electronic transactions. Because this type of computer programming language is used for a specific purpose, the utilization of this language drives certain tasks and has certain protocols in place. Its main purpose is to help streamline data and process it in a relational database management system (RDBMS) or in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS). In layman’s terms, this special type of computer language tells the systems where to store the data, updates it and processes it so users can have access to it.

The Breakdown: How does this programming work?
The best explanation is often the simplest. You need to communicate information electronically. Computer programming language such as SQL provides that communication. SQL computer programming language is known as a command language. Command languages tell the devices to communicate information. So, in essence the devices connect with each other to process the commands electronically.

The Delivery: How do we interact with this language? Why is this language important to have?
We actually interact with SQL on a daily basis through databases and data streams. Databases utilize SQL to make connections, upgrade their information and locate other data sources. Data streams provide the constant connection between databases so information can be readily available. SQL language makes those connections viable. This specialized computer programming language combines data definition, data manipulation and data control languages into one comprehensive language that helps drive data and control access.

Because of its four pronged approach and integrated language base, SQL has had an important role in developing and testing new applications.

The Application: How is this language used? Where is it used?
Businesses and industries have come to depend on SQL’s powerful and integrated tools to run their business effectively. SQL is utilized in a variety of businesses and industries to modify, store, update and retrieve data. Many financial and medical businesses use proprietary versions of SQL. Universities and small businesses use Microsoft SQL servers for their information.

Using the SQL language helps run the following applications: