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What is Cloud Networking?

A cloud network utilizes shared computing assets instead of using local servers or personal computing devices to process applications. By implementing the cloud network, you are making use of storage, applications and servers that you may not have on your personal computing device. Cloud networks provide the advantage of super computing that is used by the military or research organizations to process data, but delivered in a consumer friendly format. It can be used for complex computer games, data storage, business solutions and personal information. To accomplish this task, cloud networks are comprised of many servers which implement inexpensive consumer technology to distribute the data processing among these servers. By sharing resources in this manner, large quantities of information can be processed.

Cloud Networks Options

Two of the prominent choices for a cloud network are Microsoft and Google. Flexibility and scalability are two advantages that Microsoft advertises. Microsoft incorporates your current technology with the cloud services to implement a business solution. It utilizes Microsoft Virtual Machines. Microsoft links the host and tenant networks creating a hybrid version to better serve the consumer.

Google’s infrastructure is built on fiber optic cables and software-defined networks. It provides edge caching services which effectively balance costs for storage and bandwidth to minimize latency. Latency, delivery time for each packet of information to the user, increases as the data packets travel accumulative distances across the network.

Amazon provides cloud computing and storage services. It offers analytics, mobile applications and enterprise solutions. It offers tools for businesses like developer and management tools. Amazon provides hybrid architectures. Cost and services are set up on a pay-as-you-go format. Besides these three examples, there are many more to consider. 

cloud networkingAdvantages of the Cloud Network

For a business, benefits of using the cloud are simplifying processes, reducing cost by avoiding hardware, software and licensing expenditures, increasing accessibility and improving productivity.     Advantages for the individual user include greater storage capacity, access to applications you don’t own and the ability to access your information any place that you have an internet connection.   Other benefits include some free offers for specified time periods such as Amazon’s 12 month option as well as customized plans depending on the amount of service required. The cloud network is   here to stay and offers so many options, anyone who utilizes the internet can benefit from it.