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The Increasing Impact of SQL

  The impact of SQL can best be understood when we have a clearer understanding of how this specialized computer programming language is utilized in everyday electronic transactions. Because this type of computer programming language is used for a specific purpose, the utilization of this language drives certain tasks and has certain protocols in place. ..
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Graphic Programming

Today’s graphic designers have a wide array of software and methods available to crafting their designs. Although the job requirements may vary among firms and individual clients, all graphic designers working with technology today should know how to use major programs like Adobe’s Creative Cloud and basic programming languages. Below are the top four major ..
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Android Application Development

Android is a free, open source mobile platform that is not limited to a device or a product. With Android you could build an mp3 player, a handheld GPS, or even a DVR. Android software development is the process through which new applications are created for the Android OS. These applications are usually developed using ..
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Ubuntu is a desktop operating system (OS) for personal computers. Offered free of charge and designed to be user friendly, Ubuntu can be installed as a standalone OS or can run alongside Windows.  Features Ubuntu is a complete OS and comes standard with the features most users expect. – Firefox web browser. Users can easily ..
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PLAN - Set a strategy before implementing a project. COLLABORATE - Complete the project together, with a strong team. DELIVER - Faster output is delivered with a planned strategy and project collaboration.